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Munnar Quick Facts:

Location: 120 Km from Kochi

Altitude: 1500 to 2500 meters above sea level

Nearest Railway Stations:
Theni (Tamil Nadu) - 60 km from Munnar
Aluva - 110 km from Munnar

Nearest Airports:
Cochin International Airport - 125 km from Munnar
Madurai (Tamil Nadu) - 140 km from Munnar

STD Code: 04865

Best Time to Visit Munnar:

You can visit Munnar throughout the year. But avoid trip during heavy rainfall in June/July. During monsoon, the roads get damaged and transportation is impossible. The weather is extremely cold during winter in December/January. Include woolen garments in your lugguage.

Munnar, Kerala's Best Hill Station

Affordable travel and tourism in Kerala

Munnar is located in the Idukki district of Kerala State, South India.

Munnar's mesmerising greenery, mountain scenery, calmness and cool refreshing air attracts honeymooners and tourists throughout the year. It is a weekend hideout location for domestic tourists during summer season. Foreign travellers likes watching the natural beauty of Kerala while the journey from Thekkady to Munnar.

Munnar is at the confluence of three rivers. In Tamil, the word 'munnu' means "three" and 'aar' means "river". Hence "Munnar" is a shortened version of 'Munnu Aar'. The 3 mountain streams joining together here are Madurapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala.


Munnar is a commercial centre with one of the world's best tea estates. There are about 30 tea plantations in and around Munnar. Among these, majority of the plantations are owned by Tata Group's Kannan Devan Tea Estate. A visit to Munnar can witness the nurturing of tea in plantation to the process of manufacturing and packing.

The tea estates, hills, lakes and forests inside Munnar area exposes it's beauty. The tea plants covered Munnar hills makes the feeling of seeing a wide green carpet.

What Attracts Visitors To Munnar:

  • Cool Weather
  • Greenery Of Tea Plantations
  • Natural Beauty
  • Refreshing Air
  • Misty Hills
  • Water Falls
  • Curly Rivers
  • Trucking Through Hills And Forest Areas
  • Neelakurinji, a flower that blooms once in 12 years
  • Nilgiri Tahr, the endangered species of mountain goat
Who Visits Munnar:
  • Honeymooners looking for a romantic getaway
  • Foreign Tourists to explore a new location with natural beauty
  • Domestic Tourists to escape from hot climate in their home town
  • Traders to buy agricultural produces of Munnar
  • Students as a part of their study tours or annual picnic
  • Nature lovers to watch the flora and fauna of Munnar
  • Others to escape from daily tensions and worries
Spoken Languages In Munnar:

Main spoken languages in Munnar are Malayalam and Tamil, the local languages of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. But English is enough to communicate with people.

When To Visit Munnar:

Most tourists prefer to visit from November to May. But you can visit Munnar anytime except monsoon in June-August. As weather is extremely cold during December-January, include woolen garments in your lugguage.